What is a Futsal International Clearance (FITC)?

A Futsal ITC is required in respect of any player who is not an English national, and is registering for a futsal club in England for the first time, as well as any player who has played under another National Association (including the other Home Associations). It is applicable even if the player is a British citizen and/or if they have been registered in England previously before playing futsal under another National Association.

Please complete the ITC APPLICATION FORM and select Futsal under ‘Application Type’ to apply for an ITC for a futsal player. 

In order to obtain a futsal ITC, The FA requires all the relevant information to be submitted by the registering club, including a copy of the player's photo ID. This enables us to confirm the player’s identity, so that the former Association can identify the player in their records, as well as confirming the details of the previous club and National Association they played in. 

Once requested, the former Association has a limited period in which to make the relevant checks and issue the futsal ITC. If the futsal ITC is not issued within this period (30 days for futsal), and no objections are received, then we are able to issue a provisional clearance. However if there are any issues, such as a current registration with the former club, the futsal ITC may be rejected. Please do not assume, even if the timeframe for a provisional clearance to be issued has passed, that the player is able to play.


Please note, obtaining clearance to play futsal does not enable a player to also play association football. A separate ITC application will need to be completed and requested.

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