What is the Minor Exchange Student Application?

FIFA Regulations state that an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) is required for every player aged 10 years or over. The process of obtaining an ITC ensures that a player, when moving from a club in one National Association to a club in another, is under the jurisdiction and disciplinary powers of the new Association. It is a key element in the registration of a player and ensures that they are eligible to play for their new club, as well as acting as a check to ensure the player is not under contract with their previous club, or subject to any suspension.

To apply for a Exchange Student application, clubs must complete the ITC APPLICATION FORM

For minor exchange student applications, the following documents are required;

  • Proof of identity & nationality - Player
  • Proof of birth date - Player
  • Proof of identity & nationality - Player's parents
  • Documentation of exchange programme
  • Confirmation of player's return
  • Documentation of academic education
  • Confirmation of player's participation from academic institute in home country
  • Documentation of accommodation
  • Status of new club and duration of registration
  • Authorisation of host parents
  • Parental authorisation

The rationale behind the Regulations is primarily to protect the wellbeing of young players and ensure they are not being transferred purely for the purposes of football, and to avoid circumstances where they might end up unaccompanied and at risk in a foreign country.

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