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Non-Contract Players

Unless otherwise stated, Rules C88 to C96 apply to Participants in the National League System and Tiers 1 to 4 of the Women’s Football Pyramid. However, the provisions of these Rules shall apply to Approaching Clubs at any level of the game.


C88      Subject to Rule C89, a Club wishing to approach a Non-Contract Player (the “Approaching Club”) registered with one or more Clubs must give to the club secretary of each such Club seven days’ written notice of its intention to approach the Non-Contract Player (the “Approach Notice”).

C89      An Approach Notice must be given by:

C89.1     a Saturday Club only to other Saturday Clubs;

C89.2     a Sunday Club only to other Sunday Clubs; and

C89.3     a midweek Club only to other midweek Clubs.

C90      A Club that receives an Approach Notice must ensure that the Non-Contract Player has received and is aware of the Approach Notice.

C91      The Approaching Club must send the Approach Notice:

C91.1     by first-class post to the registered address; or 

C91.2     by email to the club secretary or chairperson, of the Club(s) that the Non-Contract Player is registered with.

C92      An Approaching Club:

C92.1 may only register the relevant Player after seven days have elapsed since sending the Approach Notice (i.e. no earlier than the eighth day); and C92.2 must register the relevant Player no later than 28 days following the sending of the Approach Notice.


For the purposes of calculating the relevant time limits, the day on which the Approach Notice is sent shall be day zero.


C93      An Approaching Club must not:

C93.1    approach the same Non-Contract Player at the same Club more than once per season;

C93.2    having sent an Approach Notice to a Club, approach another Non-Contract Player at the same Club until 28 days have elapsed since sending the Approach Notice; and

C93.3    subject to Rule C94, approach more than one Non-Contract Player at a Club at the same time.

C94      An Approaching Club is permitted to simultaneously approach up to two Non-Contract Players in each age group at a Club provided that those Non-Contract Players are both invited to trial at an Academy or a PGA.

C95      If a Non-Contract Player approaches a Club, that Club shall give the Club(s) for which the Non-Contract Player is currently registered seven days’ written notice that the approach has been made before registering the Non-Contract Player (in accordance Rules C88 to C92).

C96      Where a Club is found by The Association and/or an Affiliated Association to have acted in breach of Rules C88 to C95, its registration of the Non-Contract Player may be cancelled and the Club may be subject to such other penalty as The Association or relevant Affiliated Association deems appropriate.

(Extract from FA Handbook 2023/2024)
FA Handbook

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