Compensation Fee Tribunal

FA Rules C69 - C86

In the event of a player, who is under the age of 24 prior to 30th June 2024, not accepting an offer of re-engagement and subsequently signing on contract or non-contract terms for a new Club in England, the two Clubs must agree a compensation fee. If the player has attained the age of 24 on or before 30th June 2024 and his contract has expired, no compensation fee can be claimed by the former Club. In addition, no compensation is payable if the player moves abroad. However, Training Compensation may be due in accordance with FIFA Regulations (see article).  


If the two Clubs are unable to agree a compensation fee, the fee will be settled by a Tribunal and such decision will be final and binding. Therefore, Clubs are encouraged to agree compensation fees without recourse to the Tribunal process.  


Before the case can be dealt with by the Tribunal, both Clubs must submit a non-returnable administration fee of £300, together with written details of the dispute and each club’s valuation to be considered by the Tribunal. Form A should be completed by the selling Club and Form B by the buying Club (supplied upon request to the Player Status department).  


The Tribunal panel shall be made up of a representative from each of The FA Council (who will act as an independent Chair), the Management Committee/Board of the relevant League(s) and the Professional Footballers' Association.  


Unless the Tribunal determines in its discretion, in line with Rule C85, that a dispute can be determined on the basis of written submissions alone, the player and representatives of both clubs, including the persons primarily involved in negotiations, should be present at the hearing. 


Our office will make every effort to set date for the hearing that does not clash with midweek first team fixtures. A Club may request for a scheduled date to be rearranged if it can provide evidence this is imperative. Clubs should take note that any such request to change dates after the meeting has been set would be approved at the discretion of the Tribunal. Therefore, we insist that every effort is made by Club Officials to attend the initial date which is set. 


It should be noted that the Tribunal can only determine the amount of compensation that may be payable and not transfer fees. The new Club will be obliged to pay any compensation fee determined within 14 days (on receipt of invoice) of the decision. The Tribunal will also set out any other financial provisions or contingent payments relating to appearances, promotion, international selection, sell-on fees etc. In reaching a decision, the Tribunal may take into account some or all of the following criteria:  


  • The status of each Club 

  • The age of the player 

  • The amount of any transfer fee paid by the former Club on acquisition of the player and the length of time the former Club has held the player’s registration 

  • The terms of the new contract offered to the player by each Club 

  • The training and development of the player at the former Club (specialist coaching, education, welfare) 

  • The player’s playing record and achievements 

  • Substantiated interest shown in the player by other Clubs 

  • Other costs incurred by the former Club directly or indirectly attributable to the training and development of the player, including any relevant medical or rehabilitation costs 

  • Attempts made to reach an agreement concerning the amount of compensation due (evidence of any written correspondence as well as details of any phone calls or meetings between the two clubs will be required) 


The Player’s registration for the new Club will not be accepted until such time as that Club has confirmed in writing to the Association that it will negotiate a compensation fee with the former Club, failing which it will abide by any decision taken by a Tribunal. 


Please note that should a Tribunal be convened and subsequently determine that Clubs have not taken appropriate steps to try to resolve matters themselves, it may order the Club(s) to bear the costs associated with determining the dispute. 



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