Unsure if International Clearance is needed? Do you need to check eligibility to play in England?

International clearance is required for any player from the age of 10 and upwards who is seeking to register for a Club in England and has previously been registered for a Club abroad (including the other Home Associations), or who is a foreign national seeking to register for the first time in this country.  If a club is unsure if clearance is required, clubs must complete an ITC APPLICATION FORM. Clubs should complete all required fields of the ITC application form to the best of their ability. Once completed, a check can be completed with the player's former association to determine if clearance is required.

It is the registering Club’s responsibility to verify a player’s registration history in order to ascertain whether international clearance may be required. Clubs and competitions operating near the borders between England and Wales/Scotland need to be particularly cautious - a player can only play football in one country (subject to international clearance) and cannot play football in two countries on different days, under any circumstances. 

These Regulations are applicable globally and as the national governing body, we are bound to enforce them. The responsibility for ensuring compliance rests with the registering club, and therefore clubs are encouraged to conduct due diligence on all signings: It should not be assumed, if they are already playing in England, that their former club has completed the necessary process. Disciplinary action may be taken under FA (and league) Rules, as well as by FIFA, in the event that a player is registered and plays without an ITC being issued.

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