How to enter Retain List in IFAS

  1. Access iFAS by using your existing login details. 


  1. Select the Retain List tab: 




  1. Once you have pressed the Retain List tab, you will be presented with a list of all contract players, split in to two categories: 

  • Section A is Players Under 24 – as at 30th June 2024 

  • Section B is Players Over 24 – as at 30th June 2024 



  1. If you click on the relevant section, this will open the list of players under this category: 





  1. On the right side of the screen, any player who has additional years left on their contract will  

be listed as Retained. For players whose contracts expire this season, thewill each have a drop-down box with the following options to choose from: 

  • Offer – this is for a player to whom the club is offering new terms of re-engagement 

  • Free Transfer – this is for a player who will not have any offer of re-engagement or have an  

option exercised. Please ensure that any player who is being released is added to the Retain List as ‘Free Transfer’ 

  • For players where an Option is to be exercised, please select the checkbox provided 




  1. Clubs MUST upload the proof of offer of re-engagement or exercise of option under  

‘upload’ when prompted: 





  1. The form can be saved at any point by pressing ‘Save’. This will retain all of the information already  

inputted, for you to return to it later. 


  1. Once you have entered a status in for every player and clicked saved and you wish to submit the form  

please press ‘Submit’. When you click on Submit then the information will be processed (this may take a few moments) and you will then no longer be able to amend the information via iFAS. A message at the top of the form will appear highlighted in green saying that the form has been submitted. 




  1. Your completed list must be submitted by 1st June 2024, as per FA Rules C33 and C78. Consideration  

will be taken into account if any system issues are still to be rectified.  


If any contract player is being retained by way of an Option, and the Activate Option tick box is not available next to the player’s name, please keep a list of those that are missing this box. Once the list has been collated of those who do not have this tick box available, please send this to The FA and your League. This will be raised with the service provider Athium who will be able to correct these omissions.  


Whilst any anomalies on the system are corrected with the service provider, please do not submit the list on iFAS. Instead, please save the Retain List and this will ensure that any entries already made will be saved in the system. Once The FA, your League and/or Athium have corrected any errors on your Club’s list, you will then be able to complete the Retain List and submit accordingly.  


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